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Why I Decided To Start My Own Political Agency — Axial Media and Communications, LLC.

Like many Americans across the country, I was stunned by the 2016 Presidential results. At the same time, I focused heavily on the ballot returns in the Ro Khanna vs Mike Honda Congressional race. Since 2014, I worked diligently on Ro’s campaign; perfecting our targets, messaging, digital and media ads, and — ultimately — managing the best campaign I possibly could.

As the returns came in at that race, it was clear Ro would be the victor. Yet, it was a bittersweet feeling knowing that while our scrappy campaign did the near-impossible by defeating an incumbent in both the Primary and General election, our country also elected an individual who touted a divisive, hate-filled rhetoric and campaign message that piggy-backed on the fears and frustrations that Americans in key battleground states faced on a daily basis.

Following the 2016 election, we all heard stories of the tech elite, Democratic Operatives, and celebrities who interviewed Americans in Middle-America who voted for Donald Trump. In my case, I immediately traveled to the heart of Louisiana to work on the first Federal election in the Trump era; Louisiana’s US Senate run-off election. While we did not win the election, I heard first-hand stories from families who our system left behind. They felt frustrated by our political discourse and saw Trump as somewhat of a savior.

During each conversation, I reflected to my small hometown of Mira Loma, CA. Mira Loma used to be a farming community; with dairy and cattle farms throughout our town. It was a very conservative town growing up, with folks living a much quieter lifestyle. I would frequent the horse auction often with my father and would tend to our chickens, geese, goats, and other animals. However, following the 2008 recession, you saw our community transform. The farms I grew up with were pushed out. You saw new developments sprout overnight, erasing my childhood completely and transforming my neighborhood.

I found common value on shared experiences and beliefs with each individual. I would often tell Ro that we need to make an emotional appeal to the voters of our district and to find the shared common values with each person. In every discussion, I won over the voter I was talking to because I actively listened to them and connected to each person on an interpersonal level.

I knew the moment I returned to California, I would not be able to sit on the sidelines — especially with how high the stakes were in the 2018 and 2020 Federal Elections. It was in that moment that, I decided to launch Axial Media and Communications, LLC. to help candidates and campaigns get their message out to voters in a targeted and compelling way. Our point of difference has always been our hands-on approach, our creative story-telling, and willingness to use tech to help us penetrate the electorate.

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