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Axial Media and Communications is a premier political consulting and strategic communications firm specializing in designing and implementing campaign strategies, including message development, crisis management, local and national grassroots coalition building, and other strategic communications for corporations, political and issue-based campaigns, trade associations and non-profit organizations.


We take pride in our client partnerships and services – it is a standard that sets us apart from other firms.


Direct Mail

We deliver our client's story straight to the people who need to be won over.

Our mail shapes the race and shifts the debate. We produce creative and memorable advertising for candidates and causes.


Data Analysis and Targeting

We will assist in crunching numbers—election returns, voter file data and budgets to ensure you have a strong path to victory and are reaching out to the correct audience. We will guide your campaign by building out universes related to field mobilization and mail targeting


Digital and Social Media

Our team identifies and reaches out to targeted online audiences with precision through engaged and effective creative content, We create and develop online ads, videos, and graphics.


Message Development and Communications

Help with public relations for clients to articulate their story and drive their narrative in a way that persuades and moves. Work to develop messaging, talking points, briefing materials, and overall media training. We are quick, discreet, and experienced in helping clients prepare ahead of time for any potential crises


General Consulting and Strategy

Whether you’re a non-profit trying to raise awareness for a cause, a political organization looking for a path to victory, we will partner with you to create a successful strategic plan. We'll identify your goals, evaluate your resources, and pinpoint key validators within your community.

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